Vulcan: Templates

Templates are groups of objects that can be saved for future reuse.

Templates can be created for personal use, use within your organisation or even published globally for every Vulcan member to use.

Use ctrl + T shortcut or select the Template button from the left toolbar in any Vulcan Chart to view your template library.

There are two tabs:

“My Templates” and “General Templates”.

My Templates are for personal use and are not visible to other Vulcan members.

General Templates are globally available to all Vulcan members.

To add a template to your Vulcan Chart, just click on the one you want in the list of templates.

To search for a specific template, use the Search input at the top of the modal window.

Creating Templates

Templates are created from Groups. In order to create a Template, select all of the objects you want to include in the template by clicking and dragging the selection tool over the canvas area.

When selected, click “create group” button.

Now the objects are in a single Group.

Select the group. Press the Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 12.32.44 button on the property editor of the Group to see the menu.

Click on the “Save as template” option.

Give your new template a name and click “Create”

That’s it, you should get a confirmation that your Template was created successfully.

Publishing Templates

To publish a template, you have to submit it to the Vulcan team for review.

Open the templates modal from the sidebar or using ctrl + T shortcut.

In “My Templates” click on the Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 12.36.37 button and select “Publish”.

This will then be reviewed by the Vulcan team and if successful, will be approved to appear for all Vulcan members in the “General Templates” view.

Known Issues and Improvements

  • Template thumbnail improvements needed
  • Can’t handle Groups in Groups
  • Version control for template updates
  • Sync’d Templates


Have you tried Templates in Vulcan? What do you think? Any templates that you really want in “General Templates”? Any usability issues? Any new feature requests relating to Templates - let us know :arrow_down: