Vulcan: Organisations

When you register for a Vulcan account, by default, you are assigned an Individual / Personal Account.

This is a private, personal space for you to collect your information, learn new things, map ideas, develop custom components - whatever you like.

For Teams, Companies and Enterprises we have introduced Organisations. These are shared workspaces that allow for sharing and collaboration.

To create an organisation, go to the top right corner of the screen and click “Individual Account”. In the menu, select “Create Organisation”

Provide a name and optional logo image for your Organisation.

Click create button.

You will be redirected to the new Organisation account and the New Project view.

Time to create your first Project, Chart and start building that knowledgebase.

For now, Organisation accounts are available on a FREE TRIAL, during BETA. We will be introducing Organisation Plans and Subscriptions in the coming weeks - we’re finalising the feature at the moment.

Multiple Organisation Memberships

You can be a member of multiple Organisations with the same user identity. To switch the Organisation context, head back up to the Organisation selection in the top right at any time.