Vulcan: New Object Property Editor and Data Editor

The Property Editor has received an overhaul, making it much easier to work with your Objects and inside your Object.

The old Property Editor was a real mish-mash - with a combination of both styles, properties and content.

Basic Objects

Now we have a much clearer separation between properties as you can see above in the basic Rectangle and Text objects.

And the properties are more accessible.

The property editor changes state depending on whether you’re editing the shape or the text.

Actions and extended options are shown in the more menu.

Analysis Tools Objects

We’ve also rolled out these improvements to the Knowledge (Analysis Tools, until it’s renamed) Objects.

We’ve added a quick glance view of the MagicEditor.

You can upload images from your computer or search them from the web using the Microsoft Bing Image Search service.

The MagicEditor gives you access to all the slash-command goodness, including simple styles components and rich custom components.

The AddOns view is now separated (pending some further design treatment).

With commonly used AddOns and specific UI components.

Such you can see here with Tags for adding additional meta data and context to your Objects.

The Twitter AddOn automatically loads the Twitter Feed, which you can access directly fro the Property Editor toolbar.

The MagicEditor can also be pinned to the sidebar. This is especially useful when you want to work deeply in one object but reference other objects inside your Chart.