Vulcan: Import Colour Pallet

It’s very common that companies have a desired look and feel for their charts and visualisations. In order to easily setup your brand colours, or your most popular or favourite colours to the colour picker, we’ve added a helpful CSV Upload Option.

Here’s how it works.

CSV File

You should create a spreadsheet with 2 columns.

In the first column, insert the names of your colours. These will be your Keys.

In the second column, insert the values. In this case, these should be HEX values that represent your colours. e.g. Black is #000000 and white is #ffffff.

You can create the spreadsheet in MS Excel. Google Sheets, Numbers or any software that will export to .csv format.

Export the csv file to your desktop.


In your Project, click the more icon and select edit.

Click Advanced.

At the moment, the Colour Pallet is a little tucked away. This area will be redesigned soon to make it more easily accessible.

Click Preferences. Click Colour Pallet.

Click Import CSV and locate your CSV file on your computer.

After uploading, the colour pallet should be automatically populated.

Now if you visit any chart in this project, and try to use the colour picker in any object, you should see all of your brand colours visible.