Vulcan: Comments

Visual Collaboration is at the heart of Vulcan.

Being able to have conversations, share thoughts and express opinions on the exact thing, at the exact place in the visual context of the idea is critical.

Vulcan comments are not just comments. They are everything from action items, to notes-to-self, to full blown discussions.

Add a comment anywhere with ctrl + c or by clicking the comment button in the left toolbar.

Drag and drop comments anywhere on the Chart canvas.

Comments will be parented to other objects when placed on them. If you move the parent object, the Comment follows along.

Comments can be made by any collaborator in the canvas.

You can change the colour of a comment indicator to suit your visual schema.

Comment threads can be closed to prevent further replies - useful when the comment relates to a task or action item.


Have you tried out Vulcan Comments? Did you like them? Was there anything that we missed? Could be improved? Let us know :arrow_down: