Vulcan: Collaboration

Vulcan is not just a visual workspace. It is designed to be collaborative, facilitating creative work regardless of physical location.

The current collaboration implementation is focussed on Charts - the canvas workspace where you can map concepts, create visual playbooks, research topics and explore learning - together.

In order to collaborate, you will need an Organisation plan.

At present, all Organisation members have access to Projects and Charts inside the Organisation (specific access levels and permissions for Projects and Charts are coming…). So to collaborate, all you need to do is open the chart in your web browser. Collaborators will automatically appear in the workspace.

You will be able to see each collaborator’s mouse cursor, the objects they’re working on.

You’ll see objects move, resize, appear, disappear.

Together, as a team, you can explore new topics, map new concepts, share ideas, run workshops and organise information like never before.

Current constraints

In order to build out a scalable collaborations layer, we’re rolling out features steadily.

We plan to enable full real-time collaboration and editing of individual objects, particularly in the Vulcan Editor.

Currently, however, Objects will be locked to readonly mode when they are selected and being edited by an individual user.