Vuetify in Vulcan


When we first started developing Vulcan (well, when we started the second time to be precise), we decided to ease the development process by using the Vuetify library.

Vuetify is a material design component framework, built with Vue.js.

That’s the key.

Material Design is a design language by Google. It look’s Googly, by all accounts. But more so, it’s an incredibly well thought through and considered design and interaction guideline for user interfaces. It’s like Bootstrap on steroids.

Like Bootstrap, it’s got some opinions, but it’s easy to customise too.

When you combine the Material Design language with Vue.js components, then the magic happens.

Not only do you get the kind of “CSS styling” you would have been used to from years of using Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation and the billion other CSS frameworks, but you get highly functional and interactive components.

We liked it so much for it’s power and versatility, extensive APIs and component library, that we made it available within the Vulcan Component Builder, so that you can use it to build your own custom components.

The decision was two-fold. 1) it provides so much power out-of-the-box, so that’s less coding for you to make awesome custom components and 2) saves me a ton of work early on trying to control User Interface and Interaction design standards.

So, as we look to open up the Component Marketplace, this would be my recommendation - use Vuetify. Thanks. :smile: