Redesigning Forge



Over the last year, Forge has had a lot of work done under the hood to bring it up to suitable current standards.

There’s a big elephant in the room remaining, which is the outdated Ember.js side of the Forge front end and the way that the Stripe integration is implemented. We’ll park that for now.

We’re focussing on the actual UI right now. In the last year, the UI has had only minor adjustments made, removing the older style gradients and “flattening it up” a bit. It’s kept our heads above the water so far, in terms of product credibility. But now it’s time for a bigger and deeper style overhaul to start with.

@Keir and I have been working on a UI refresh.

The base styles are very light, clean and have lots of room to breathe. In this type of application, it’s imperative that the UI feels as simple as possible and the details of interactions and animations in appropriate places are what will make the product fly…






Welcome discussion relating to any aspects of the interface designs and in particular, focus on ideas for high value Flows and Interactions - I’m not personally interested in top-level design decisions like colour schemes and styles, that’s already been decided on.


Would you believe we actually implemented much of this redesign, but never actually pushed it live.

Since then, we’ve moved on and evolved, but it’s still my ambition to give Forge a much needed overhaul.

So here’s an update, showing the latest visual UI approach we’re thinking of taking, which I wanted to share with you.

New Dashboard

New Usage View

New Settings View

I’m going to write up some of the new features and evolutions of existing features in a separate series of topic posts.