Nutribu for iOS - V2

It’s all about Food Tracking made simple.

We stripped out everything that wasn’t 100% focussed on improving the Nutrition Tracking experience.

Nutribu V2 took a much more direct and simplified approach to Nutrition tracking than the previous version.

We started developing it last year and then got somewhat sidetracked as we pivoted to a Platform. What we had built for the new Nutribu iOS App formed the basis of our iOS SDK - essentially you can build the Nutribu food tracking app with the SDK in no time at all (ok, with a bit of help and I will add some more content and tutorials to help you give it a try).

So, over Christmas I got my head back into the work we’ve been doing on Nutrition tracking solutions, namely through this next version of our old Nutribu app.

I’ve started a chain of events that will be hard to stop, that is I’m writing about it over on the Nuwe blog in more detail.

I wanted to share important topics and practical lessons from building a product like this. I don’t want it to be linear pathway, from design to development or step-by-step process of setting up and building an app. Rather, I want to pull out important and useful topic that can be applied to whatever app you’re building, be that tools (3rd party or our own), process (design and development), thinking processes (and mindset), experiments & ideas.

Post 1 - Nutribu Sessions Introduction - An overview and context for what we’ll be doing and working on.

Post 2 - The Home View - A deep dive focus on the most important view in our app, detailing how we experimented with design options.

Post 3 - Implementing the Home View UI - Continuing from Post 2, we go ahead and implement this view in our native iOS application, using our helpful Nuwe Charts framework for iOS.

And so, I’m hoping this conversational thread will enable me to share random ideas and generate discussion around the topics I’ve raised in the blog and to help me channel ideas for future topics.

One such area of interest, is something I started working on over Christmas - A Virtual Nutrition Coach, called Kate (from our original Nutribu characters, Kate and Will and rather coincidentally, our expert nutrition consultant is also called Kate).

Since this is entirely experimental at this point, it makes for a great discussion piece and I’ll share what I do and learn through the process…