Nutribu for iOS - V1



Balance your diet with Nutribu Score

Keep all your nutrients under control with a single number and understand how they contribute to your daily caloric intake.

Nutribu Score: Try to score 1,000 Nutribu per day!

Get personal targets
Create your profile and Nutribu will generate customised GDAs* to make sure you are always aiming at the right targets for you.

Quantify your meals
Take a Photo. Add the ingredients choosing between our 3 standard portion sizes. Choose your design, save and share your creation.

Discover balanced meals
Access all the meals you created and discover new healthy recipes in the Nutribu community. EAT your meals every day to generate the activity reports.

Control your progress
Access detailed charts to understand how each nutrient contributes to your caloric intake, improve the balance of your diet and grow your nutribu score.

Compete with friends
The Nutribu score is calculated the same way for everyone, so you can compete with all your friends. The higher the score, the more balanced your diet.

*Guideline Daily Amounts are a guide to how many calories and nutrients people can consume each day for a balanced diet.

Nutribu is a platform for change, changing how we interact with nutrition & food.

The Nutribu platform is an API and suite of applications designed to simplify the process of understanding, tracking and monitoring what we eat.

The essence of the Nutribu iOS app is built on a few core principals:

  1. Calorie counting is wrong

  2. Government-issued GDAs are wrong

  3. Existing products in the market are too complex, too scientific and not fun.

Our first application is built (currently) for iOS, as a way to build a library of your homecooked meals very quickly, share pictures of your meals with real-time personalised nutritional information to Instagram & Facebook, track when you eat them and monitor your progress against your own personalised daily targets.

The Nutribu App

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