Invitations and Application Views - Web Views and Mailers


Your Beach Platform instance, powered by Core, is capable of powering many different applications that can benefit from the combined strength of Core’s APIs and the endpoints and resources you provide from your own Custom Engines.

Each application built on your Instance can be unique, for whichever platform or device it is targeting, with branding, concept and visual design to suit.

Whoever is building on top of your APIs - your internal teams, 3rd party developers or your customers - has the ability to create a truly unique experience. That is, until they encounter this…

That’s right, there’s a number of system generated functionalities that relate to the use of your Instance’s Identity system - such as forgotten passwords, user account confirmations, or constructs such as Invitations for joining Teams or Organisations, that require the system to send emails to Users and from those emails, direct them to Web Views.

If those emails and web views designs are markedly different to your client application, then you have a problem. The disconnect in the flow will cause users to drop out of the process, they wont trust it or feel that it’s part of a full solution.

This is why we have enabled customisation of Email templates and Web Views on a per application basis. Let’s take a look at some examples as they relate to our own Beach Products. These aren’t final designs, but just created to give you a sense of the approach we will be taking as our re-architecture takes shape.

Instance Global Setup

Each Instance of core will have a default initialised configuration for Web Views and Emails. Let’s see what this would look like for our own Instance at

Web Views



Web Views



Web Views



Web Views


Account Confirmation Example

Here’s a closer look at the customisable options available, that we have used in our example.

In addition to the Account Confirmation, as flow that starts when a new User registers with your Application, we have the following flows available…

:white_check_mark: Proxy User Registration - when a User is admin by an Instance Administrator

:white_check_mark: Reset Password

:white_check_mark: Invite to Team

:white_check_mark: Invite to Organisation

:wrench: Activity Updates for Application with custom Application events (WIP)

:wrench: Rewards Updates and Reward Redeem (WIP)

Platform Admin for Applications

You can access the Settings for Web Views and Emails via your Core Admin. The settings are accessible with your Application, just go ahead and Edit the application.

The Right Way

So, when all is said and done, we have a much more cohesive flow for each application from the client app, to the system emails, to the web views and back to the app.