Introducing Coinstash - CPU Miner for MacOS



Following on from my earlier topic post ‘CPU Mining for the Masses’ it was frustratingly apparent that, although there were a few good options for mining cryptocurrencies on your standard desktop computer, there weren’t many great - and by that we mean simple, beautiful - ways to get started.

True to our spirit, at Beach, when there’s an opportunity to simplify the user experience and put a great GUI on top of something more complicated, well, we’ll take on the challenge.

Introducing Coinstash - CPU Miner for MacOS

So, in a couple of weeks, we built Coinstash, a native menu bar app for MacOS, as an initial proof of concept of how running a miner should be. Zero config, simple settings, transparency and control.

Just install the app, create an account/login and run it.

The most important thing is that you are in control, when it runs, how it runs. No hidden processes. Nothing taking over your machine.

It has a beautiful real-time performance chart showing the CPU used on your machine, the hash power, the total hashes and total for the pool.

We’ve added a simple scheduler tool, enabling to to create time slots with mac CPU usage setting. Coinstash will automatically stop and start the miner with this setting. So, if you know you wont be using your machine much in the evening or through the night, you can set a schedule item for 19.00 - 07.00 with the CPU cranked right up. At 07:00, you can set another schedule to throttle the CPU back to 20%.

This way, you ensure continuous hash power in a way that suits your working schedule and the way you want your machine to be used.

Finally, you can of course choose a beautifully serene light theme, or the focussed and powerful dark theme - because style is important.

How it works

  1. Register a Coinstash account. This will identify your hash contributions via our Coinstash API.
  2. Start the miner and create hashes. Your hash contributions are sent to our central pool and identified to your account.
  3. View your funds - coming soon
  4. Build your Cryptocurrency portfolio - coming soon
  5. Withdraw funds - coming soon

Coinstash Account

Your secure personal Coinstash account ensures you have full control and visibility over your hashes, account balances, withdrawals and any other related options.

Mining - This Version

Coinstash takes care of setting up the miner according to a few simple, but all important settings. Your computer does it’s thing and creates hashes. These are sent to our central pool and identified to your account. We are currently using the Coinhive javascript miner and Pool, more on this below.

View Your Funds - Coming Soon

The Coinstash app is the easiest way to keep tabs on your account balance. By default, we show the current equivalent value in your local fiat currency - $USD, £GBP etc. With this version, we are mining Monero (XMR), and this is the default value of your generated hashes. We may offer the ability to switch which currency you mine or change the miner to target another currency in future, depending on which is most suitable.

Build your Cryptocurrency Portfolio - Coming Soon

Just because we are mining Monero, doesn’t mean you should keep just Monero. Our plans for Coinstash is to enable you to easily build a diverse crypto-portfolio, with access to both existing cryptocurrencies such as Aeon (AEON) or Stella Lumens (XLM) which can be mined directly via Coinstash or many other alt-coins which we may acquire for you to maximise your returns and diversify your portfolio, depending on your appetite for risk.

We’re also considering how Coinstash could be used to participate in new coin offerings, or ICOs.

Withdraw Funds - Coming Soon

I’d like it to be very simple for you to withdraw your funds, so I’m thinking that we should enable this through our API. Wait, that’s not very simple, but it’s a start.

Even better, what about a dedicated pre-paid credit card which connects to your coinbase account. The Coinstash card. Sound good?

The App Store App that had a Cryptocurrency Miner payment solution

Alas, I’m not running High Sierra so this won’t work for me. Any chance of it supporting at least 10.12 (Sierra)?


Yes, we’re definitely working on backwards compatibility - I think there will be people with old macs that they’d want to run the miner on - I know I have a few. I’ll be sure to update you when that’s ready.



I have some issues to make it work. I download the app, created an account and when I toogle the button to mine, nothing happens(even after 30min). I wanted to remove my account settings to try again but don’t know how to do it. Any idea how to make it work ?


@piiero57 hi, sorry I didn’t see your post until just now. Hopefully, if you downloaded the latest version, you shouldn’t have any troubles…

Coinstash 1.7.4 Released

The primary reason for this release was to improve the initial setup of the miner for users.

Coinstash uses Coinhive’s javascript miner, bundled as a node.js application. Therefore it needed access to node.js on your mac to start the app in the background.

Node.js doesn’t ship with every mac by default, so if it can’t execute, it tries to use Homebrew to install it.

Homebrew doesn’t ship with every mac by default (though most of you will likely already use it, and if you don’t, you should) so things fall down at this point, if node.js can’t be installed through Homebrew.

That’s all kinda lame, so we released 1.7.4 which ships the miner as an executable using the super PKG project which means it can run EVEN if you don’t have node.js on your machine.

So, fingers crossed, issues like the one above are no more…


Coinstash latest version will now run on OS Versions all the way back to 10.11. Run the app, auto-update and hopefully you should be able to start mining.


Hey Steve ! Any updates on when access to the wallet, or seeing the results of your mining efforts might be released?


Was waiting until I upgraded to high sierra to install. Now I have it’s running fine I think though the lack of any insight into whether I’m getting anything back right now means it’s a bit of a mystery. What is timeline for viewing funds/portfolio?


I’ve just posted a bit of an update to explain where our priorities have been the last few weeks and how it sets us up for what’s to come…

CC @DEfusion


Coinstash 1.7.9 Released

We had an issue with App Transport Security settings in 1.7.8 and you may need to download 1.7.9 directly from the website, if you have a problem with the auto-update. Sorry about this. See

A few small updates in 1.7.8 quickly usurped by 1.7.9.

:white_check_mark: Updated XMR-stak to the latest version 2.4.1

:white_check_mark: Support for Monero7 - the new anti-ASIC algo

:white_check_mark: Fixed that some bugs that cause intermittent crashes

:white_check_mark: Fixed App Transport Security settings for auto-update

:white_check_mark: Fixed that annoying little white triangle on the Dark Theme :dark_sunglasses:


Coinstash 1.8.0 Release

A small release, but we’ve introduced a few new currencies to mine… Sumokoin, IntenseCoin and Karbo

So, while we’re here I thought I’d do a quick summary of each of the coins that you can mine with Coinstash.


Monero is the leading cryptocurrency with a focus on private and censorship-resistant transactions.

Monero transactions are confidential and untraceable.

Monero is a grassroots community attracting the world’s best cryptocurrency researchers and engineering talent.

Monero is electronic cash that allows fast, inexpensive payments to and from anywhere in the world.

Main Site -
Pools -
Wallet -


Secure and private
Designed for mass adoption
App based mobile mining
Signed agreements with global mobile networks
Provide a digital payment solution to the developing world

Main Site -
Pools -
Wallet -


GRAFT Blockchain enables using any
cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively

Main Site -
Pools -
Wallet -

Sumokoin :new:

Digital Cash For Highly-Confidential Transactions

Main Site -
Pools -
Wallet -

Karbo :new:

Decentralized Medium of Exchange
Privacy and anonymity
Liberty, reliability and security
No intermediaries and regulators
Openness and accessibility

Main Site -
Pools -
Wallet -

Intense :new:

Intense (symbol ITNS) is the fuel and operating currency for our peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized VPN.
Our goal is for Intense to be a crypto brand that can be utilized for exchange of various goods and services with minimal barriers. We want to re-brand crypto from a privilege for technophiles to a method of compensation accessible by everyday people.

Main Site -
Pools -
Wallet -