Hammer for Mac - 6.9 Preview



I wanted to share a preview (finally) of the next Hammer release…

There’s not a long list, it’s short and sweet.

That’s mostly because I’ve rewritten these features about 3 times so far. Finally I’ve settled on the simplest execution I could, and thus would like to share with you for feedback and testing before it makes an official Public Release.

In this version:

  • New “General” Preferences pane
  • Auto-build on file save disable in general preferences
  • Add Forge API Key to preferences
  • Generate Hammer.json file via GUI
  • Advanced site options/settings via GUI
    – Sourcemaps
    – Autoprefixer
  • Enable 1-click Forge Deployment
  • Forge deployment settings GUI


I’ve not yet settled on a suitable layout design for the General tab, so I’ve gone with very basic, akin to the Sketch Preferences window for now. It’s not really a high priority.

Two options are self explanatory, but you can see below what I’m referring to.

Generate Hammer.Json file

Advanced Settings - Sourcemaps & Autoprefixer

Forge Deployments

:arrow_double_down: Download the Beta :arrow_double_down:

Get Started with Cockpit and Hammer

Downloaded the beta, but the app window doesn’t appear when trying to open it. The system shows the app running, but no app window.


You may need to clear your current Hammer Sites by running the old trick.

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Riot/Hammer/AppData/Apps.plist

I’m not exactly sure what the conflict is at this stage, but I will investigate it before public release.


Ah thanks. I tried the some commands I have saved for that, but probably because for an old version, it didn’t work. This does however :slight_smile:


If you’re downloading the BETA as a fresh install, you may see a endless spinning Build initially. This is because this BETA has compiler 5.2.7 bundled in and the auto-updater will try to install 5.4.6. Rebuild your project (cmd + R) after a couple of minutes and you should be OK.


Yeah I noticed that. Typo? ‘cmd + R’? That fixes it.

Also, I found I had to delete my existing hammer.json file for the settings cog/window to work. After deleting that file, it pops open. Before, nothing happens.


Oops, yes. Slip of the finger… :vulcan:


:wink: Also @Retrosteve, would you like folks to note bugs they find in the beta? Here? Or somewhere else?


Please do note everything here and I’ll move it into the task system as appropriate…


Nice one.

I use the ‘buildDir’ in the hammer.json and store the Build folder outside of the main dev folder. The build folder is also where the Git repos is. When building now, the git repos files are removed and the directory isn’t acknowledged as a git repos anymore. The old version preserved this. Any way around this in beta?


The build now converts README.md into README.html. Not sure why.


Not sure why behaviour would be any different, but you should add README.md to .hammer-ignore


Oh, I thought it was something Github used to display information about the repos. Perhaps .html would do the same thing. Not a big issue tbh, just something I noticed happening.


It’s both.

On the face of it, it’s just a markdown file

You’re right that the general pattern for all code repositories serve the README file by converting it to HTML when displayed on the repo site.

From Hammer’s perspective, it’s just a markdown file and unless you tell the compiler to ignore it, it’ll convert it to HTML.