Goodbye .dev - Hello .test



You may or may not know, but a while back, Google went and snapped up the .dev gTLD and intend to keep it for their own private use. Something about the association with the term ‘dev’, meaning ‘development’ and it’s importance for Google to use it with the work in progress projects or some shit.

Anyway, we’re now starting to see this as an issue that affects, among other things, Anvil. Anvil, through its use of the Pow zero-config rack server, defaults to using .dev URLs, and these will no longer work, particularly in Google’s Chrome Browser.

The Pow project was just updated to support .test with this Pull Request and release of 0.6.0.

I’ve updated the Anvil app and it seems to work fine with .test urls, so I’ll try and get a release out today or tomorrow.


1.1.8 is released for .test TLD support.

  1. Click “Check for Updates” in Anvil menu. Install update.
  2. Click “Uninstall Pow” in Anvil Menu.
  3. Click “Install Pow”. Check that 0.6.0 is installed.