Forge Forms Redesign



I released Forge’s Forms feature a couple of years ago as a way to very easily enable simple but flexible form building on your sites without the need for running a PHP script and database for storing the form entries.

I’ve been thinking about the evolution of Forms and we’ve made some UI designs, in line with more a more general redesign of Forge that is coming soon.

One of the key improvements is a new Form Builder tool within the Forge Admin, enabling you to quickly and easily generate the markup you need, in the templating language you prefer - plain html, slim or haml.

The form you build will automatically be setup to work with Forge, so you just need to copy and paste the generated markup into your project. :rocket:

but you can still code up and enable your existing custom forms…

The form lists view is pretty much the same simple table we have already

And the Form detail view is still pretty much the same format.