Connected Sports

Earlier this year we took part in an initiative by London Sport, to consider opportunities in the realm of Sports Technology, that could have an impact on the local participation and innovation in sports.

London Sport’s mission is to get 1 million people active more active in London and make London the most physically active city in the world. :runner: :swimmer: :bike:

Originated out of the then Mayor of London’s office, being one Boris Johnson, a Blueprint was set out to lay the foundations off the back of the 2012 London Olympics, that would benefit the capital for years to come.

At Nuwe, we decided to get involved and spent a day thinking about how we could help the cause, playing to our strengths in the fields of mobile and connected technology, health and wellness.

What we came up with was an online coaching platform that improves the relationship between coaches / personal trainers and their clients.

It was ultimately a community marketplace initiative, whereby the platform source code was given over to the City of London community to adopt, own and continue to develop, focussing efforts on accessibility of training, affordability of training and improving business opportunities for trainers.

Here’s the initial draft proposal we came up with

From here, we really wanted to build on the idea of a whitelabel community solution, that could be adopted by the London Sport initiative and branded Open_Sport.

Within the concept, we are proposing:

For Participants

  • Quick and easy access to local group and individual sport via online platform
  • Online tracker of activity and progress
  • Easy integration with wearable devices
  • Access to discounts and special offers.
  • Reduced prices when lower demand (time, or location)
  • Special services for pensioners and people with reduced ability.

For Trainers

  • Access to new and broader customer base
  • Flexible working schedules
  • Easy payment processing and reporting
  • Reviews and references
  • Starter pack (sponsored kit)

For London Sport

  • Access to anonymised and abstracted data from users across London
  • Cost effective mechanics for achieving improvements in activity, towards stated goals
  • London-wide initiative
  • A solution for all Londoners without prejudice. Only internet access is required.