About the Health Engine

Over the past 10 years we have developed a speciality experience in the field of Digital Health and Wellness.

We have developed numerous projects for different health applications and tools to make working with health data easier for developers.

The :tools: Nuwe Developer Platform is a Platform as a Service specifically designed for the building of health, fitness and wellness products. Through a REST API and wrappers for iOS (BETA), Android (Soon), and Javascript (Soon) you have access to features that drastically reduces the cost and time needed to deploy your dream health app.

This area of the community is for Nuwe Platform Support.

You can ask anything, and we’ll post updates relating to the Platform and it’s features right here - so this is the place to look first.

You can also see our Platform Public Roadmaps on Trello, where you can get a quick look at what’s coming, making suggestions and contribute to the Development of our service.

:map: Nuwe Developer Platform Roadmap

:map: Nuwe iOS SDK Roadmap

:book: Read the API Docs