About the Chisel category


I’m very pleased to share the early stages of a new product that we have been working on, appropriately named Chisel.

Chisel is a lightweight web application that sits on top Node.js / Express.js, Parse-Server & MongoDB to create a Headless CMS, much the same as Contentful, Prismic, Cockpit and alike. It’s free and open-source!

My goal here is to create a flexible, fast tool that is designed to be simple but powerful in creating your content models, providing an elegant interface for content editors to create and manage the content that you want to distribute into blogs, web apps, mobile apps and anywhere else your valuable content could be useful.

This category relates to our early work on Chisel, so you can all try it, feedback and guide our development as we seek to build the fastest, simplest and most flexible way to manage your content backed by the power of the open-source community.