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Nutrition The Nuwe Platform's nutritional features include the ability to search ingredients data with nutrition, to search UPC product data from multiple sources, to create compound food products - like recipes - all with nutritional data. Enhanced food tracking capabilities. NUScore The NUScore is Nuwe's own health and wellness scoring system. It is a methodology for converting health and wellness data into a simple, single number which represents the Person's current health status. Biometrics The Biometrics feature set on Nuwe include endpoints for creating and querying data for all kinds of health measurements. Activity The Activity Feature set includes everything you need to track, query and manage activity data, such as step counts, physical activity segments and even sleep data. NUTeams NUTeams is a specific model class for grouping users. Example uses maybe for special interest groups, companies or departments, teams, friends and family. Libs and Frameworks Discussion relating to the various libs and frameworks Nuwe publishes to make it easier to build health apps for your preferred platforms. Notifications The intelligent use of Notifications is critical to Health services. This category of discussions is for exploring all the ways in which you can use Notifications in your app and how Nuwe can support that.
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