Welcome to the Guild


A warm welcome to The Guild by Beach.

For the last year I’ve been writing on the Beach blog, chatting to people in our Slack Team and helping people through our Intercom support channel.

But, that didn’t quite cover all the areas where I had something to express, an idea to play with, to explain and share.

So I started writing here and unlike most of the times I’ve really tried to keep writing, it kind of stuck and so I wanted to invite you all to join me, to share in the process and contribute your own ideas and thoughts.

Most of the discussions refer directly to our existing products, like Hammer, Forge and Anvil. There’s a growing volume of content around our new products too, like our hosted Backend as a Service platform (codename: Nuwe).

One of my favorite things to do is hack together new ideas using these tools and share those ideas in the form of prototypes, open source libraries, even MVP’s and fully fledged products, so there’s a whole section of this community site dedicated to that and I encourage you to join in.

To add some fun, I’ve created some custom designed badges - Shields, that will be awarded for the most community-spirited and in the near future, beyond pure community reputation and status, you’ll receive discounts and other fun incentives for being an active and community spirited member of our community, containing some of the most creative individuals on earth.

Welcome to the Guild.