Using Forge with GitLab CI & Roots



Hi all,

I’ve written an article on my site covering how I set up Forge with GitLab-CI and the Roots static site generator. I figured it may be of some interest to the folks here, so thought I would share it.

If nothing else, the article gives some (potentially) useful insight into using GitLab-CI to allow you to use other static site generators that are unsupported by Forge but still have automated builds.




Great article, this is exactly the type of thing I love.

Sure, Hammer hates your treachery. :speak_no_evil: But get over it.

Roots is great and as you say:

Instead, I looked around at (oh. so. many) static site generators and played around with a few and found that I really liked the way that Roots works. It isn’t the fastest, it may not be the most fully featured or flexible, but these things are a matter of choice and Roots was what felt right for me.

The JAMStack, micro-services architecture is alive and well here. Any particular service can be exchanged for any other, depending on what feels right to you. No lock in.

Nice work.