The Guild Awards


The Guild is designed to reward community participation and the behaviours associated with being a model citizen the Beach community.

We’re working on a number of highly customised Guild Awards, in the form of badges, that will be awarded to members based on their contribution and actions in the community.

These Awards will be

Role Based - as your community standing increasing, your role, responsibility and capabilities improve.

Achievement Based - primary awards will be issued for outstanding achievements within the community, both online and ideally offline too.

Task Based - as you complete certain tasks that are believed to be signals of upstanding citizenship, you will be recognized with small badges.

The awards will contribute to certain benefits, such as access to promotions and discounts from your product prices, such as Hammer licenses or Forge subscriptions.


Here’s a sneak peak at some of the custom badge designs we have underway for the Guild.

These are the lower tier badges, typically awarded for the completion of everyday community tasks, especially geared towards the early days of your membership and getting you off on the right fur clad, saxon smashing boot.


I’m very pleased to present our full roster of custom designed and illustrated Badges that we’ll get started with.

There are currently 3 levels of Badges…

##Lower Tier

The basic version, which you’ve already seen. These are awarded for fairly fundamental tasks and are predominantly focussed on early actions new Guild members will take to orient themselves on the platform and start engaging with the broader community.

##Mid Tier
Our Silver Level badges are somewhat more desirable and harder to come by. To be awarded the Silver Shields, you’re going to have to go some with creating interesting topics, actively participating in conversations, showing appreciation for others and spreading the word of the Beach Guild community. If you do, here’s a selection of what’s in store…

##Top Tier
It’s GOLD! What could be more desirable than our Gold Shield badges? Nothing, right?
To achieve the Gold Shield standard, you have been on your A-game for some time and have become and leader of the community and a master of your craft. Congratulations on your Viking-level awesomeness. Check out the bling.

See the full and complete list of Guild Badges up for grabs.

Stay tuned for even more amazing Shields AND even more exciting announcements about our Guild Awards.


Just thought it would be fun to share some of the creative process on designing the new badges.

The artwork was done by our talented digital artist Daria.

I wanted the badges to expand our Blacksmith metaphor and set a tone that goes back to the original days of these products, when they were referred to internally as Asgard (Forge’s original codename).

I wanted the freedom to play creatively within a world that we could create and make our own, whilst indulging in my own personal interest for Vikings, dragons and Norse legend.

I wanted to ensure we had at least 3 tiers of badges - from basic up to the elusive and iconic premium level.

We thought just a simple sliced cross section from a treestump would be basic enough.

And give us the ability to focus on a few details.

Which just make all the difference…

The badges start to introduce some characters, and we’ll be playing with them some more as we define the “Roles” within the the community.

All leading towards those prestigious Gold Shields…

We’ve covered all the basic community Badge types so far. We’re now working on some external Badges that are awarded for things like

  • Being a Forge User
  • Being a Forge Customer / Power User
  • Being a Hammer customer
  • Being an Anvil user
  • Trying our (soon-to-be-renamed) Nuwe PaaS product beta
  • Using certain power features of our products, like Forge Forms, Forge Server, Hammer.json
  • Building a Cockpit powered website
  • Building a Contentful powered website
  • Building a Hammer-ready template
  • Building a Hammer Ready Theme

And I’m looking for more ideas like this, so please leave your own thoughts below in this thread!


New Role Based Badges

The last remaining batch of Badges to be designed were in respect to the community roles.

I’ve now put up the first set of these, based on the original stages of Blacksmith apprenticeship levels from medieval times…





Now, the astute one’s among you will realise that I’ve fallen into the trap of these being entirely male characters. But fret not… female versions are on the way and I’m trying to find a way that we can enable you to select characters or perhaps show both on a badge or something…

You can also see another couple of Badge levels…

  • Forger
  • Master Craftsman

They’ll probably be coming too…

If the Character versions of the levels don’t go down well, we could revert to some iconic shield types, but I wanted to give these a run so that the Roles differ distinctly from the achievements type awards - would love to hear what you think…


The very kind people at Barclays Eagle Labs (thanks Sharon!), here in Bournemouth, etched me a coaster to keep my coffee cup off their nice white tables…