Naming the Parse-Server Platform


As we get prepared to open our hosted, managed, maintained parse-server service, we have IMPORTANT business to attend to.

We need to give it a NAME!

All of our existing products are themed as Blacksmith tools.

This service could easily also be another Blacksmith tool, sure.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re currently indulging in a rebrand of our parent company, Beach. I say indulging, because we’re having, frankly, a lot of fun. To connect Beach as an identity with the blacksmith-themed products that you know and love, we’re imagining a new world - a world of medieval Vikings and Longhouses, possibly a dragon or 2… who knows.

So it’s quite possible, that the Parse-Server product could fit in this world, but outside of the Blacksmith domain.

To me, the Parse Server feels like it could be a metaphor for Storage, like a food / grain store - The Store

Boris suggested The Well

Would love to hear any other suggestions…


Harvest (forgetting there’s already an app called Harvest)

What about crop based?

Maze, Barley (there was a CMS tool called Barley, I recall, but I think the project has stalled…)