Hammer for MacOS



Earlier this year, we released Hammer 6.8.0 (beta) into the wild. The new Hammer version was a an update of the older Mac App Store (MAS) distributed app that we’d been trying in vain to update for El Capitan.

This Post explains more about it.

This was a defining moment for our continued development of Hammer, and though we’ve been fairly quiet since then, a fair amount of thinking and some coding has been going on in the background.

This Topic is for general discussion about the Hammer product’s latest version, issues, ideas, concerns and praise.

Please introduce yourselves as a Hammer customer here, share examples of your work with Hammer, inspire us with your creativity.


Hi Steve and all.

I’m a web designer and front-end developer and I’ve been using Hammer since 2013. It’s a great tool and one that enabled me to learn Sass. Whether it’s just for quick prototypes or public facing static websites, it has really improved my workflow over the years. It also lets me be independent of software development too, so I can concentrate on what I do best.

I have created five websites for clients using Hammer, including my own.


  • I’m looking forward to the optimisation button working again.
  • It would be nice if ‘index.html’ wasn’t by default added to paths. This would allow for shorter and cleaner URLs.
  • Communication with Anvil is quirky (Hammer Sites don’t show up). But this might be Anvil. After a OS X restart, I can’t make the site list appear until I have ‘checked for updates’…which fails…but then this allows me to select the menu bar item to make the list appear.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll keep a list of other things I think of.



Web designer here. I love simplicity and that’s why I purchased Hammer a few years ago. My main draw towards hammer was that I could create html files and use includes, have auto reload, and the app was simple. Since then I’ve embraced other features and the ability to include autoprefixer is my latest favorite.

Sure I could go another route and install command line tools, use Codekit, or some other app but I enjoy the simplicity of hammer. I’m a front end designer, not a programmer so I like to keep my tools simple. I want simple apps that work well. I use very few tools in my workflow.

I use hammer along with Coda to produce in mockups of what the final site will look like. Depending on the client I’ll develop these out into a CMS or continue refining the static site I’ve built in hammer and deploy.

My current issue is that for some reason the auto reload feature isn’t working for me on Yosemite (10.10.5) using Hammer As I continue using the latest version I’ll try to make a wish list.

I’m sure there are features I would like, but to be honest I enjoy using it as is as long as it’s maintained and continues to function properly.

Thanks for making this app!