Forge Deployment Console



When I took over Forge, I really got stuck into talking with as many customers as possible. I wanted to learn everything about our products as much as possible from all perspectives, not just looking at the code.

In the beginning, the most frequent and overwhelming frustration was the endless spinning of the loader animation as the site was deploying. Clearly something had gone wrong, but there was no feedback, nothing.

To combat this, we launched the Forge Console.

The console appears when your site is being deployed. If it’s a small site and there are no issues, you may find it’s not visible for very long.

Click the console icon and the console will load into a modal window.

Every part of the Forge deployment process has been enabled with logger messages, so you’ll see everything that Forge does when processing your site for deployment - impressive huh?

You’ll also be able to see at what point something goes wrong.

If you’re using the Hammer Cloud service, this will also be logged in here, including the ability to view the compilation report (just like the view you see in the Hammer app)