Deploying Beach Platform to AWS with Cloud66



We use Cloud66 as a SysOps as a Service and it’s great. It’s especially great for deploying and managing Beach Platform instances which can be deployed to your preferred Cloud hosting provider. In this case, we’re looking at AWS but it could be Google Cloud platform, Rackspace, Digital Ocean.

Assuming you’ve already setup your Beach Platform (see Setting up a New Instance) then we’re now ready to deploy to our production environment.

Cloud66 makes this very easy indeed.

There’s a couple of things we need to do to prepare our project for deployment.

Add a Cloud66 Manifest


      locked_passenger_version: 5.1.2 

This is so we can control what version of Passenger we use

Add a Procfile to the root of the parent app


worker: env RAILS_ENV=$RAILS_ENV REDIS_URL=redis://$REDIS_ADDRESS bundle exec sidekiq -q elasticsearch, -q email, -q job, -q webhooks

This instructs Cloud66 to start up our Sidekiq processes, fire up Elastic Search, start the email, jobs and webhooks worker queues.