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Huge thanks to everyone who already jumped in and tried out our new crypto-miner app for macOS. The pre-Christmas release was really a great initial value proposition test to see how much the idea connected with our existing audience - and I was pleasantly surprised.

The app itself, aside from being nice looking and simple to run, doesn’t really do much - by design. It’s supposed to be the easiest, prettiest way to start playing with crypto mining with complicated command line tools and crazy Github repos.

That said, we’re definitely planning to and working on bringing new functionalities to the app, starting as you’d expect with general account management, like monitoring your balance, withdrawing your funds. This will be available soon.

In 1.7.4 we added better support for the miner, by running the node.js based miner as an executable, which got around the need to have Homebrew installed. But it didn’t address the fact that the Coinhive based miner was running between 10H/s to 75H/s depending on multiple factors, such as CPU throttle setting, which processor your Mac has etc. But realistically, we were seeing 20 - 40H/s average.

So, we spent some time working on enabling a new level of mining prowess through the Coinstash app with the introduction of support for a new Cryptonight miner - XMR-stak.

Coinstash XMR-stak

The new app looks very much like the old one, but one key difference. I’ll just leave this here…

Screenshot taken from Macbook Pro 15inch i7 (2017) 3.1GHz with AMD Radeon Pro 560 GPU. The same machine was average 70H/s with Coinhive miner

Coinstash with XMR-stak not only provides better CPU performance and a few more configuration options, in addition to CPU throttling, determining how many cores to target and importantly, being able to take advantage of GPU, if it’s available.

GPU mode is kind of special, it basically renders your machine pretty much unusable while it’s running, so we’ve handled this by adding a kind of screensaver mode (as per screenshot), which will activate when GPU mining is run and as soon as you hit a key or press the mouse, it will be interrupted and your machine is ready to respond to your next whim.

This also works with the Scheduler tool, so you can crank up GPU mode when you know your machine will be unused and unoccupied…

New Miner - New Pool

In addition to supporting the new miner, we’re preparing to move to our own Pool. The Coinhive Pool was ok, had a decent enough API and worked out of the box with the Coinhive miner, but at a price - 30%!

We’ve now setup our own kind of private pool - that is, we wont really be promoting the Pool itself - but the Coinstash app will mine through this Pool.

This way we make sure that the hashes you mine are put to best use in building your digital asset portfolio.

Backend Updates

With the new Pool, we now need to update our backend application to integrate with the Pool’s API, and it’s now the next priority as we look to be in a really solid position, architecturally speaking, to push on with more of the app’s features that we all want to see…

Hammer - Pay by Mining
Introducing Coinstash - CPU Miner for MacOS

Hey Steve ! Since the update, the number of accepted hashes has decreases significantly from the old pool. Is this expected behavior? He’s an example after running for about 8 hours:

Normally, after running this long, pre-update on the new pool, I’d at least be in the 1000’s of accepted hashes. Just curious more than anything !


@bnowacky it’s most likely because as well as the upgrade to the underlying miner, we’ve also setup our own pool, which is what Coinstash app is now connected to. However, as a new pool, we’re getting things optimised and traffic increased such that this will improve.

We’ve architected the backend side of things to enable us to consolidate multiple devices through a proxy, to the pool, so you will be able to have a number of mining devices unified under your single coinstash user account. This is our vision - that you will be able to hook up your various devices and have a simple, single dashboard for managing them and seeing the performance of your mining resources - starting with the mac app, but not ending there.

Bear with us as this takes shape.


Any chance you’ll enable CUDA support to your app? And since we’re computing hashing power to an unknown pool, with no way to actually realise any of the profits yet, how about a daily update for us kind souls? :smile:


Coinstash Update - 1.7.7 Released

We’ve released a new version of, our Mac Miner app for MacOS.

In this release, you’ll find that we’ve surrendered a little. The plan was than would not just be another GUI Miner app. The plan was that mining was just the beginning of an end-to-end journey into cryptocurrencies, using the small amount of monthly mined cryptonote-based currencies and using them to buy into alt-coins and ICO’s. That’s still the plan… and a whole lot more.

However, I’m not going to rush into the whole managed wallet side of things - it’s complex and security is a real concern. So while we do everything necessary to design the right solution, I want you to be able to use freely for what it’s good for - right now!

Realistically, that is as a super-simple, beautiful GUI app for the highly performant XMR-STAK miner.

So, let’s call a spade a spade and make sure that it lives up to this promise.

:money_mouth_face: To do that, we’ve added a new Currency Selector in the app’s top bar. We’ve added support for the Graft and Electroneum currencies (and are in the process of now rolling out support for a whole bunch of other cryptonote-based currencies).

For each currency, you can mine to the default pool, though our proxy service. This won’t give you immediate returns. It won’t be the most efficient mining option. But feel free to use it, it will be good in the long run.

If that explanation doesn’t wash, then feel free to add your own Custom Wallets and mine to those. We use the Hashvault pools for your custom wallets right now, so you’ll be able to track your workers there too.

Make sure that the wallet supports the currency you are mining to, we don’t validate this and you may lose coins if you don’t pay attention to this.

:white_check_mark: Also in this release, we’ve made the menu bar icon a little more cute - it will turn green when mining and er, well, not green when not mining.

:white_check_mark: We’ve improved the termination of the miner when the app stops running for any reason.

:brain: Remember - you can use GPU & CPU together (on supported devices) for extra Hashpower!!!

Common Troubleshooting

Port Selection - depending on your computer’s oomph and network connection, you may need to play with the ports. If you can run the miner, but it’s not generating hashes, try stopping and trying a different port.

Use Slow Memory setting - Generally Always or Warn should be what you try. I’ve found that my older (2011 dual core MBP needed Always).

Wallet Address - did I mention that if you’re using a custom wallet, make sure it’s for the right currency. Eventually you won’t need to do the drudgery of installing multiple blockchains and wallets on your machine (we’ll handle that for you), but right now, c’est la vie…