Chisel for MacOS



We’re going all out on Chisel, our newest product currently in early stages of development.

If you didn’t already know, Chisel is an API-first headless CMS built on top of Parse-Server.

I wrote this fairly lengthy pre-release introduction piece a few days ago about the project and in particular, the web based client application, built with react.js.

Well thanks to the awesome Electron library, we can also bring you desktop applications for your preferred OS, starting with this

Chisel for Mac

Current Status

The core Chisel application & feature development status is very much in-line with the web version. Chisel for Mac comes with a Parse-Server instance bundled in with the binary. Right now, all you need to do is have mongodb running locally and you’ll be able to use it. The Chisel app will use your local mongodb with the bundled parse server instance and you have a working offline API-first headless CMS.


As well as the general roadmap for the Chisel app, the key requirement for the Mac app is to be able to configure alternative Parse-Server instance connections, such as a remote, hosted instance that you might have on Heroku, AWS or another Parse hosting service.

Would you like to try it? Send me a TWEET @beachdotio

I’d love to try out the preview of Chisel for Mac by @beachdotio :raised_hands:

Unlike Chisel’s sister app, Hammer, I do plan to bring Chisel to Windows and Linux too.


Any news about Chisel?

Another potential CMS component might be Directus - an open source headless cms:

They also have easy hosted plans commercially available.


Thanks for the interest. Chisel development was quiet over Christmas period, while I spent some time addressing some updates on Forge.

I’m going to get back to it and try to get public release out this quarter that’s a bit more complete than it is now, and test versions probably during February.