Build Services - Webpack, Jekyll, Middleman



A month or two ago we quietly introduced some extended cloud Build Services to the Forge Service, available on all account plans.

Forge now supports the compilation of popular static site generator projects, in addition to our very own Hammer.

Each of these services are fairly limited in providing the sort of features I’d like to see in future - such as build validation, for example - they each assume you have a valid project that can be compiled.

We’ve been putting the Wepback compiler through its paces over the past couple of months, as we’ve developed a handful of fully fledged, production-ready react.js client applications. The Webpack build engine can work with your custom Webpack config or the config-less Create React App bootstrap.

I’ll be sure to write up some more about our continuous deployment workflow with react, webpack and forge-server’s .forgerc settings - it’s worked a treat so far!